Chester is a location sound mixer and post-production engineer with over ten years experience working in audio engineering, music performance, and tour management. Recent projects have included production of a nine part fiction podcast for Audible, re-recording mixing for two Adult Swim specials, and various location sound mixing in the Baltimore/DC area.

As a music producer, Chester collaborated with some of Baltimore's breakthrough artists including Future Islands and Dan Deacon, with the Baltimore Sun calling him "the city's best producer of indie-rock". As a live sound engineer, he spent several years working with (now defunct) Wham City Lights, creators of a smartphone app that used ultra high frequency audio to trigger interactive lightshows. Clients included Disney Land, Cirque du Soleil, the NHL, and America's Got Talent.

Chester's raison d'etre is post-production. Whether mixing a record or restoring degraded audio, his work exhibits an attention to detail and a subtle hand. He is proficient at ProTools, comfortable with 5.1 surround, and mixes for C.A.L.M. Act compliance.

Chester has a B.M. from SUNY Purchase College.

When not working in audio production, you may find him on tour with his band Outer Spaces. They are releasing their second LP in June 2019.

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"Gwazda has emerged as the city's best producer of indie-rock"
-The Baltimore Sun

"Chester first made his name as an underground producer, recording and mixing breakthrough records, at times for nothing but food and lodging, for some of the most interesting groups in the American indie scene"
-The Local Voice

"he’s recorded, produced, or mixed an impressive list of underground records... not just buzzworthy records, but real breakthrough moments for the artists"
-Baltimore Fishbowl




Outer Spaces

(609) 439-7523